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Privacy Policy

The Dental Community website and Main Street Publishing Pty Ltd is committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy of its users. As part of normal daily operations, we collect and store information about our users in order to uniquely identify each user, to enhance the individual experience of each user and also for other purposes detailed below including republishing this information in various directories.
Users of the Dental Community can at all times view and alter information that is stored about them and control how this information is used.
Any questions regarding this policy or enquiries regarding privacy should be sent to Main Street Publishing Pty Ltd, PO Box 586, Cammeray NSW 2062 Australia.
Throughout the Dental Community website, we endeavour to explain why we request certain types of information about our users. Typically, this information is used for one of two purposes.

Information used to identify visitors

Certain information we request is purely for the purpose of uniquely identifying users of the Dental Community. This includes, for example, the registration number of registered dental practitioners. This unique identifier allows us to both differentiate between people who, in some cases, have an identical name to other practitioners and also to ensure that persons who we promote as dental practitioners (see republishing of information below) are in fact registered. Information like your registration number is not republished in our directories.

Republishing of user information

The other reason that we collect information about our users is to republish it in a variety of directories, some of which can be accessed publically and some which can only be accessed by other registered users of the Dental Community.
These directories include the Your Dentist Find-A-Dentist websites located at and and also the Dentevents website located at
Users can at all times control how much of their information is republished or if their information is republished at all.

Credit Card information

Dental Community does not store information related to the credit cards of its users. Credit Card information is requested at the time payment is required for a product or service and subsequently passed through a secure encrypted API to the eway payment gateway for processing by National Australia Bank.

Supply of information to third parties

Dental Community does not supply information about its users to third parties. Users of the Dental Community may from time to time receive information from third parties of a commercial nature by one or more methods of communication stored within the dental community. These communications are facilitated by the Dental Community so as to protect the privacy of user information.