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SofaCON 2020: My finances & COVID-19

Presented by Garry W Pammer





Donald Trump does not give us the best predictions of COVID -19 impact and control but a study by the North American Dental Group does. Unfortunately it has already found that a large number of Americans have significant concerns about seeking dental treatment during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 71% reported that they are uncomfortable visiting their dentists during the COVID-19 pandemic for a non-time sensitive dental procedure. A similar sentiment is most likely shared with the Australian public.

Regardless of the health effects of COVID-19 on you, your family, friends and colleagues, the pandemic’s economic impact is already undeniable. It has affected and will continue to effect personal and business finances for months or years to come.

Join Garry Pammer, a CA and Director at Specialist Accounting & Business Advisory as he discusses the options available to help you financially during this time – whether you’re an employer or employee.

Discussion points:

  • Cash flow forecast – if ever you needed one, now is the time.
  • Asset write-off options – why they were not enough.
  • Cash Boost – employee’s PAYGW, how it supports employer’s cashflow.
  • Job Keeper - how your eligibility as an employer helps your employees.
  • Business support loans – 50% government guaranteed.
  • Early Access to your superannuation – not really the answer you or Australia needs.
  • NSW State government Small Business Support Fund -every $10K grant helps.
  • Commercial landlord’s – negotiate affordable rental payments.
  • My loan and/or mortgage repayments – the options to freeze them.
  • Income tax liabilities – how to defer them.

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